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Children from 2 to 18 in Kenya are in need of loving godparents.  Your commitment to support a child provides a much needed lifeline to the children in need.  The children on this page are only a few of the children who need a Global Hope godparent.

For just $39 a month, you can be an answer to prayer for one of the neediest children in the world by sponsoring a child through the Global Hope Godparent program. We believe the most important gift you give is the love your Godchild will feel when you pray for them and write them letters…maybe even visit them on a Global Hope mission trip!

Joel lives in Spring Valley.  He was born in 2014

Joel’s father was injured in a construction accident and since then they have struggled financially. There was not enough food for the family until Spring Valley stepped in to help. Now Joel is a happy, healthy young boy who loves listening to stories in class, coloring and singing!

Tessy lives in Spring Valley.  She was born in 2013

Tessy’s father works in construction and her mother is a housewife. They live in an iron sheet house with two rooms and have economic hardships. She loves coming to school and learning bible stories from the picture bible and she loves the cookies that teacher Alice gives her every afternoon.

Reagan lives in Spring Valley.  He was born in 2012.

Reagan and his older sister live with their grandparents because their parents divorced and their mother doesn’t earn enough money to take care of them. Reagan enjoys school because he has people who take care of him and teach him new things. He likes to play soccer in his free time.

Douglas lives in Spring Valley.  He was born in 2012

Douglas’ family is extremely poor and lives in a single room house and they share a toilet and shower with 10 other families. His father does odd jobs to earn a living, they often sleep hungry. Douglas is happy to be in a school where he eats free meals and gets a free education. He likes to play hide and seek with his friends.

Natasha lives in Spring Valley.  She was born in 2012.

Natasha is the last born in her family and she has an older brother also in Spring Valley School. Natasha comes from a single parent family and her mother looks for odd jobs to do to feed her family. Natasha loves school and playing with her friends. Natasha likes to color and draw flowers.

Ann lives in Spring Valley.  She was born in 2012.

Food is scarce in Ann’s home and the family struggles greatly. Ann likes the porridge that teacher Alice gives them every morning. Ann loves to sing songs about Jesus and looks forward to school every day. Ann’s health and confidence have improved greatly.

Lenox lives in Spring Valley.  He was born in 2010.

In 2016, Lenox, his three siblings and their mother had to flee from an abusive situation. They had nowhere to go and came with only the clothes on their back, they were brought into the care of Spring Valley. Lenox is grateful to have received new clothes, new school books, and free meals and education every day. He loves playing with all his friends.

Hanset lives in Spring Valley.  He was born in 2010.

Hanset is the first born in his family and he has a younger sister who is also a part of Spring Valley school. Hanset comes from a poor family but he’s always happy and smiling despite the problems he faces. Hanset is doing very well in school and his favorite subject is science.

Mercy lives in Spring Valley.  She was born in 2010. 

Mercy has two older sisters who are part of Spring Valley School also. Mercy lives with her parents in a one room house with no indoor plumbing. Mercy loves coming to school where she gets to learn and play with her friends. She loves reading books and jumping rope.

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