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Sponsor a child at the Hope for Orphans Rescue and Education Center (HOREC)

Children from 2 to 18 in Kenya are in need of loving godparents.  Your commitment to support a child provides a much needed lifeline to the children in need.  The children on this page are only a few of the children who need a Global Hope godparent.

For just $39 a month, you can be an answer to prayer for one of the neediest children in the world by sponsoring a child through the Global Hope Godparent program. We believe the most important gift you give is the love your godchild will feel when you pray for them and write them letters…maybe even visit them on a Global Hope mission trip!

Tasha lives at HOREC in Kenya. She was born in 2015.

Tasha is a joyful and talkative girl who’s always busy walking and playing. She loves playing with other children and she has a sharp mind. Tasha has begun her education in the HOREC pre-school class.

This is Amos he lives at HOREC in Kenya. He was born in 2012.

Amos and his twin brother are happy to be part of the HOREC family where they are safe, loved and well fed.  Amos loves going to school where he enjoys drawing, coloring and doing math.  He likes to run and play with his friends, racing tires and especially playing soccer.

Lilian lives at HOREC in Kenya. She was born in 2009.

Lilian came to live at HOREC in January 2021 after living in a very precarious situation.  After her parents died Lilian lived with her elderly grandmother who did not have the means to provide for Lilian’s care.  Water and food were both  hard to come by, and there was no money to pay school fees.  Lilian loves going to school and is grateful to be living at HOREC where she can go to school and receives the loving care she needs.

Dankan lives at HOREC in Kenya. He was born in 2013.

After Dankan’s mother died of HIV/AIDS in 2016 there was no one who could care for him so he was brought to live at HOREC.   Dankan likes to listen to stories and is excited to learn to read.   He is a quiet but cheerful boy.  Dankan wants to be a pilot when he grows up!

Jackson lives at HOREC in Kenya.  He was born in 2012

Jackson and his twin brother are happy to be living in HOREC.  In school he enjoys coloring and learning mathematics.  When he’s not in school he loves to play soccer, race tires, and play with his friends.


Justin lives at HOREC in Kenya. He was born in November 2016.

Justin is a joyful boy who loves to play. He likes to do things independently and is happy playing and exploring all the new things in his world. Justin’s favorite things to do are riding in the tires and playing with toy cars!

Maria lives at HOREC in Kenya. She was born in November 2018.

Maria was born in March of 2018, she was abandoned in some bushes when she was just one day old.  Despite this tragic start to her life, Maria is healthy and thriving.  She is a happy child and loves to be tickled!


Moha lives at HOREC in Kenya.  He was born in  2011

Moha’s favorite subject in school is mathematics.  In his free time he loves playing soccer and racing tires. He likes helping the nurse whenever he gets a chance, he wants to be a doctor when he grows up!

Gladys lives at HOREC in Kenya. She was born in 2011.

Gladys was a baby when she came to live at HOREC after the death of her mother from tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. In school, Gladys’ favorite subject is Kiswahili and she’s good at organizing her belongings. Gladys is a vibrant young girl who loves singing, playing with her friends, and especially dancing!

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