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Children from Romania, Kenya and India are in need of sponsors.  Your commitment to support a child provided a much needed lifeline to the children in need.  If you have a preference for country or gender, let us know. The children on this page are only a few of the children who need a Global Hope godparent.

You may select one of these children, or let us choose a child for you!

Sai Dharahas lives at Daniel Boys Home in India. He was born in Nov 2009.

Sai’s father went to look for a job in 2013 and never returned home, Sai’s mother struggled to provide for her children. Sai and his brother are happy at DBH. Sai enjoys playing chess and likes to read in his free time. He wants to be an engineer when he grows up.

Attila lives in Arad, Romania. He was born in June 2009.

Attila is the newest member of the Global Hope family. After a great deal of early family turmoil, he is happy to be living in Ana’s House. He has begun attending a nearby school. Attila likes to ride his bike and be outside.

Tasha lives at HOREC in Kenya. She was born in 2015.

Tasha is a joyful and talkative girl who’s always busy walking and playing. She loves playing with other children and she has a sharp mind. Tasha has begun her education in the HOREC pre-school class.

Prajwala lives at Hope Girls Home in India. She was born in September 2006.

After Prajwala’s father left in 2011 her mother couldn’t afford to feed her children and send them to school. Prajwala loves to sing. When she grows up she wants to be a doctor so she can help poor people.

Nandha lives at Joshua Boys Home in India. He was born in July 2007.

Nandha’s father was abusive, when he eventually left his family, Nandha’s mother was unable to provide for her children. Nandha is working hard in school and he is thankful to be at JBH where he is loved and well cared for.

Swetha lives at Prema Girls Home in India. She was born in June 2009.

Swetha’s mother was left alone and in debt after her husband was killed. Swetha is happy to be at PGH where she is safe and well cared for. She loves going to school to learn new things and seeing her friends. Her favorite color is yellow.

Justin lives at HOREC in Kenya. He was born in November 2016.

Justin is a joyful boy who loves to play. He likes to do things independently and is happy playing and exploring all the new things in his world. Justin’s favorite things to do are riding in the tires and playing with toy cars!

Grace lives at Spring Valley in Kenya. She is 11 years old.

Grace stays in the Talitha Koum girl’s dormitory at Spring Valley where she has a safe place to sleep and study. Grace’s family lives in extreme poverty and they rarely have enough to eat at home, they are grateful for the free meals and education Grace receives at Spring Valley.

Rakesh lives at Hope Boys Home in India. He was born in December 2007.

Rakesh’s parents are in extremely ill-health and cannot earn enough income to support the family.  Rakesh loves to dance and read and he wants to be a pastor when he grows up. His work in school is excellent.

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