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Orphans of Romania

Orphan Child of Romania

The orphans of Romania are more than their situations or any label that can be applied to them. They are our future architects, leaders, engineers, ambassadors, and doctors. They will inherit the world. They will make decisions that can change communities and even their own country. These children may have had a different start than many other children, but they show what true love, strength, and courage is in all that they do. Your donation and child sponsorship helps these children achieve their dreams and live their lives to the fullest.

Orphan Child of Romania

What Global Hope is doing in Romania

Romania has gone through a lot of positive change since the fall of Ceausescu, a communist dictator. It was his policies that created a country full of orphaned children with nowhere to go. It wasn’t until these policies and the practices of the government were brought to light that change was demanded. Global Hope is grateful to be one factor of that change. Our foundations are part of a long term plan to change the way of life in Romania by housing children and providing them with a family aspect so that they can grow and thrive. These children are a blessing and if given the chance to rise to the occasion, they will surpass any expectations.


We partner with Fundati Caminul Sperantei (House of Hope Foundation), a non-profit organization in Arad to provide homes and care to orphaned and abandoned children. In 2001, Global Hope opened a children’s home called Ana’s House. Today, we currently have seven children who are living in Ana’s House as well as several other children living with Christian foster families.


We have also partnered with a Methodist church that is actively engaged in the community of Sibiu. Sibiu is comprised of 426,000 citizens and 67,000 orphans. A good chunk of parents within Romania actually work outside of their country, leaving their children in the hands of those they trust or leaving them to their own devices. 

These children and those that are orphaned are often alone and unsure of where to go, which is exactly what this church aims to fix. They do this by providing a safe space where they can rest, eat, and play with other children. Most importantly, they can learn of the love that Christ has for them and that they are made in the image of God. 

The Orphans of Romania


Romani Child Orphan

Lisa came to live at Ana’s House when she was just four years old. Lisa has had irregular contact with her biological mother over the years but hasn’t seen her in a while now. Lisa has grown to be an amazing teenager since joining our family and exceeds in all levels of her education.

You can often find Lisa in the huge Ana’s House garden, or outback feeding the chickens. She loves fashion and books and wants to learn to cook


Romanian child

Rares and his brother Viorel found themselves at our doorstep after being removed from a dangerous home situation. The boys are now doing well at Ana’s House. Rares loves to spend his time tending to our garden and feeding the chickens. Not only is he a great gardener, but he is a great student and a great addition to our family.


Don’t let the Palm Springs shirt fool you. Attila is actually Hungarian and has found himself in a new world. He has had to learn a new language as well as adjust to his new surroundings in school and the expectations of his new school. Attila joined us back in September of 2019 and has been enjoying his new family and being exposed to so many new experiences. 


Orphan within Romania

As a baby, Daian was left at a hospital in Arad, he lived in an orphanage until he joined a Global Hope foster family — he now has loving parents and 2 instant sisters!  Daian is thriving with his foster family.  The stability and love they provide has had such a huge impact on him.  He enjoys going to his new school and likes to play outside, running and riding his bike.


Orphan of Romania

Hayni was born into a Hungarian family and when she was just one year old, her mother abandoned her and she was placed with a Global Hope foster family.  She is doing very well in school despite the challenges she faces.  She enjoys being very involved with a variety of activities at her church.  Now the only child left at home, she is a big help to her parents around the house.


Romanian Orphan 1

Maria came to live with a Global Hope foster family in March 2018.  The stability and love the family provides has had a huge impact on Maria’s life.  She enjoys going to her new school, the Sunshine School, where the teachers are wonderful.  Maria also likes playing outside and riding her bike.

How You Can Help The Orphans of Romania

If you have made it this far, then we hope that you have found hope in the stories of these children. These children will inherit a new world that they can make their own and with your support, nothing is impossible. So we ask that you place these children and those whose stories haven’t been told in your prayers. If you feel called to make a donation or join our cause, we have a few ways that you can help.

How Your Donations Help The Orphans of Romania

Whether you choose to make a one-time donation or create a recurring donation, your money has an enormous impact on the orphans of Romania. We rely on donations from people like you to be able to provide our Global Hope children with housing, food, clothing, education, and medical care.   Your donation can change the lives of children around the globe, you can give them a chance to change their lives and their world.