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Orphans of India

These orphans of India are the next generation to inherit the world. That is why we dedicate our lives to these children. It is our goal and responsibility to improve their way of life, in accordance with the scriptures of Jesus Christ. It is through the power of Christ that we have been given the opportunity to help these amazing children and it is our goal to increase the number of children being sponsored by those who feel called to help. So let’s dive into the stories of these great kids and show how you too can help the orphans of India.

What We Are Doing to Help Orphanages in India

Since 2012, Global Hope has partnered with Kathryn E Larsen’s Children’s Homes, also known as KEL. KEL provides for the 26 children under their care and provides food for the local impoverished children in their area. Each child under their care is fed, protected, and attends school while also worshiping Christ in their worship center. In addition to working with KEL, we also partner with The John Foundation to provide care for five children’s homes:

  • Hope Girls’ Home, opened in 2013
  • Hope Boys’ Home, opened in 2015
  • Prema Girls’ Home, opened in 2016
  • Daniel Boys’ Home, opened in 2017
  • Joshua Boys’ Home, opened in 2017

In each of these homes, the children are cared for and receive an education that can take them to the next level to achieve their goals. Many of our children dream of becoming teachers, doctors, lawyers, and police officers. When they aren’t in school or playing with their friends, they are often involved in Bible studies, church, dance classes, or summer camps.

The Orphans of India


Orphans of India

Priya’s father was extremely abusive to his family leading up to the moment that he decided to take his life, leaving behind his wife and three children. This left Priya’s mom desperately looking for a way to make enough money so that she could provide for her children and pay for their school fees. Unfortunately, she was unable to make ends meet. Priya loves to study and takes her education incredibly seriously so that she can grow up and accomplish her dream of becoming a lawyer.


Anusha woke up as a young girl to find that her father had disappeared, leaving behind two other children and his wife. Her mother struggled to provide for children, but sadly couldn’t. Anusha found herself in the care of Hope Girls Home and has been here since. She excels in school, especially in science. She plans to continue her education as she grows and become a doctor so that she can help those in her community.


Orphans of India

Prajwala’s story is like many children in our care. Like Anusha, Prajwala awoke to find her father gone. Her mother tried her best to give Prajwala the life she deserved but just wasn’t able to keep up with the bills and put food on the table at the same time. Prajwala is now under our care and dreams of becoming a doctor so that she can help the poor in her community.


Varshitha’s father was an abusive man. When he wasn’t at home, he was causing trouble in his community. One morning, Varshitha’s father was arrested for burglary, which left her, her siblings, and her mother alone. Her mother didn’t have a job and had never really received a proper education. Although she was able to find employment, the job she found didn’t pay enough for her to keep up with her debts and she left Varsitha and her siblings. Varsitha loves living with the other girls at her orphanage and loves going to school. When she isn’t playing with the other kids, you can find her curled up with a book reading.


Githanjali grew up in a house where she watched her father physically abuse her mother until one day he never came home. With bills and crippling debt her mother was unable to continue raising her and her three sisters. She now lives under our care, where she is in school, something that she was never able to attend while growing up. She loves her education and is always at the top of her class. It is her goal to become a lawyer and give back to the community around her.


Orphans of India

Dilip’s father was diagnosed with HIV and struggled to support himself and his family until he passed away. Dilip’s mother earned a very meager income and was unable to feed Dilip and his sister or provide them with an education. Dilip is now under our care and strives to succeed in his studies. His goal is to grow up and become a police officer so that he can give back to his community and protect those within it.


Vinnu grew up in a home where he watched his parents continually disagree until one day his mother walked away and married another man, leaving behind Vinnu and his sister under the care of their father, who later abandoned them. Their neighbors found Vinnu and his sister Asha and brought them to one of our centers. Vinnu loves to spend his time reading poetry and playing with his friends.


Orphans of India

Sai’s father abandoned his family several years ago, leaving his mother and children behind. Sai’s mother turned to the sex trade for work so that she could provide for her family, but her health began to decline greatly. Sai tried to help by working as a daily wage laborer before coming to live at one of our centers. Sai loves to spend his time singing and his favorite subject in school is science.


Charan’s father died in a tragic accident in 2012. His mother began working as a daily wage laborer to put food on the table, but she couldn’t earn enough money to do so. Charan now lives in our center and spends his time reading and playing cricket. He is finally getting to go to school and wants to become an engineer as he grows up.


Orphans of India

Shiv’s mother abandoned him and with no one in his immediate family that could afford to raise him, Shiv ended up at one of our centers and has been there since. Shiv works hard every day to excel in his education and loves to play with his friends. His goal is to grow up and become a cop so that he can help better his community. 

Sponsoring The Orphans of India

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), India had 29.6 million orphaned and abandoned children in 2018. This number has only increased and is projected to continue rising. With your help, we can remind these children that they are worth love and, above all else, are loved by Christ himself. With your donation, these children can be given the quality of life they deserve and receive the opportunity to rise and accomplish anything they wish. Your donations will go directly to our children’s homes in India, your support provides food, clothing, education for all our current children and allows us to provide care for even more orphaned and vulnerable children in India.  To learn more about sponsoring a child, visit the Sponsor Center on our website today.