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Orphans of Kenya

These orphans of Kenya are the next generation to inherit the world and from there create a new one. That is why our team at Global Hope has dedicated our lives to the orphans and vulnerable children of Kenya at both the Hope for Orphans Rescue Center (HOREC) and the Spring Valley Children’s Center. It is our mission and responsibility as followers of Christ to improve their way of life, in accordance with the scriptures of Jesus Christ.

Orphans of Kenya

It is through the strength and love of Christ that we have been given the opportunity to help the incredible kids of HOREC and Spring Valley and to reach and help more orphans. We hope to increase the number of children being sponsored by those who feel that they are called to help. So let’s get to the stories of these great kids and by the end of this explain how you too can help the orphans of Kenya.

What We Are Doing to Help Orphanages in Kenya

We are currently functioning out of two centers in Kenya, providing housing, clothing, and education to each of the children. When the orphans are not in school, they spend their time playing with each other and learning about the word of Christ.

  • Hope for Orphans Rescue Center (HOREC)
  • Spring Valley Children’s Center & School

You can click here to learn more about the orphanages of Kenya.

The Effects of COVID-19 on Orphanages in Kenya Kenya is still having an increase in COVID-19 cases with the country having tested 10,068 people; out of those tested, 2,989 have tested positive so far, 88 have lost their lives, and 873 have recovered since the pandemic started.

The country has a backlog in testing samples because they are running low on the testing reagents and kits. With so many cases of COVID-19 in Kenya, the country does not have enough level 5 and 4 hospitals to cater to them. The government is working on establishing home-based care for the ones who have improved and those with mild symptoms of the virus. Times are tough for the country, especially for people living in the hardest-hit areas in the counties of Nairobi and Mombasa.

Social Economic Effects of The Virus In Kenya

Around 60% of Kenyans are now without a source of income. People with small scale enterprises and people in the hospitality, tourism, and agriculture sectors are the ones who are affected the most. Their government is working hard to cushion these industries and sectors, but they have been significantly impacted. Most of them have had to lay off thousands of workers who are now at home without a source of income, unable to meet their basic needs such as food and rent.

Changes in The Weather

The weather pattern in Kenya has also been changing drastically since 2011 and the country is currently experiencing torrential rains, flooding, and very cold weather. The long rains should have been in the months of April and May, but these months were dry and hot, causing the rains to come in the month of June, which is supposed to be dry and cold.

This is drastically affecting the agricultural sector with many large and small scale farmers, who had planted and were expecting rains in the months of April and May, watching their crops fail. This, coupled with a recent locust invasion, has the government foreseeing a large food shortage in the country, causing them to begin importing supplies from abroad to offset hunger in the country.

HIV in Kenya

HIV/Aids is something that affects millions of people all over the world. Each of the children below have lost a parent/parents to HIV/Aids. In 2018, there were 1.6 million confirmed cases of HIV.

However, Kenya has become a success story as of lately when it comes to HIV prevention and the spread of information.

Above you can see a graph covering the 90 90 90 goal for 2020. It is the UN’s hope that by 2020, 90% of people with HIV will know their HIV status, 90% of all people with HIV will receive antiretroviral therapy, and 90% of people on antiretroviral therapy will have viral suppression. On top of this progress, two people have now been cured of HIVdue to some groundbreaking stem cell therapy. While the number of cases are high, progress is being made thanks to millions all over the world working together.

The Orphans of Kenya


Orphans of Kenya

Carol and her sister Mary have lived a complicated life and will likely face many challenges ahead of them. They both joined our HOREC center after losing their mother to HIV. They themselves are battling health conditions as well. Thankfully, both of them have come to a place where their health is stable and are currently enjoying their lives to the fullest. Carol works hard in school and loves learning about history and writing poetry. In her spare time you can usually find her listening to music.


Orphans of Kenya

Daniel’s story is one of strength and hope. Daniel grew up with his mother until she lost her battle to HIV. This left him in the hands of a relative who later abandoned him; being alone, he found his way to the HOREC center and has been with us since. Even though Daniel is struggling with his own health conditions, he is healthy and active.

When he isn’t in school, he spends his time working on his acrobatics and playing football. Daniel dreams of furthering his education after he graduates and hopes to become an engineer. Daniel has a bright and outgoing personality and we know with a little support he will go far — the sky’s the limit.


Orphans of Kenya

Francisca’s mother lost her battle with HIV in 2009, leaving behind Francisca and her four siblings. With no one else to raise her, she found her way to HOREC along with her siblings in 2011. Out of the five of them, Francisca spent the majority of 2018 undergoing cancer treatment but we are pleased to say she is currently cancer-free.

Even though the world has thrown so much at her, she is now living her best life and continues to march forward! Nothing gets in her way, including her education. She is currently excelling in all of her classes and is constantly breaking expectations. When she isn’t enjoying school, she is spending her time singing and dancing.


Orphans of Kenya

Jane, like so many of the children in this blog and in our home, lost her mother to HIV. Thankfully she is healthy, vibrant, and full of life. With no other family, Jane came to the HOREC center in 2010. Her education has come a long way and with the help of her teachers, she continues to grow.

She loves to spend her time creating beautiful jewelry through beadwork and enjoys cooking. She dreams of becoming a musician or a lab technician when she grows up. With a wide range of interests and skills, her future is limitless!


Joseph and his three siblings made it to the HOREC center after losing their mother to HIV/AIDS. With no one to help or raise Joseph and his siblings, they found themselves alone at first but now live a life of health, growth, and love.

Joseph is constantly smiling and helping others. He has proven to be a bright student and loves being able to go to school. When he isn’t studying in class, he finds himself playing his guitar, enjoying a game of football, or reading and getting lost in a new book. His dream is to give motivational speeches and/or become an accountant when he grows up.


Orphans of Kenya

At a young age, Faith found herself with no one to raise and protect her, but thankfully someone found her and brought her to our HOREC home.

Faith has dived into her education 110%. She excels in all areas of her education, but her favorites are science and mathematics. When she isn’t in school, Faith continues to excel in her acrobatics. She is amazingly flexible and has learned many new skills and continues to push her limits. Her performances always leave the audience amazed! She loves to dance and dances every chance she gets.


Lilian lost her mother to HIV and with no father to raise her or close family members, she was brought to our HOREC children’s home. She loves reading, dancing, and playing hide and seek with the other children. Even though Lilian is struggling with her own health, she continues to live her best life and her physical health has improved greatly! Not only that, but she is excelling in her education and has become very socially active with the other children.

Sponsoring The Orphans of Kenya

In Kenya, our team is caring for the 40+ children living at HOREC. Meanwhile, the staff at Spring Valley works diligently to provide for the needs of the 70 children still living in the dormitories, as well as giving meals and water to the children and families in the community. However, the food supply is limited and the costs are rising, both flooding and a locust infestation have affected the surrounding areas near our children’s centers.

Just like the progress made in HIV research by people all over the world who feel called to help, we are able to make amazing progress in the lives of these orphans with your assistance! Every new child sponsorship helps us provide food, shelter, and education for the children at our orphanages.

We want to thank you, our partners and friends for the love and support you show us. You’re truly helping to transform the lives of the children at both HOREC and Spring Valley and bringing hope to the hopeless.