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Sponsoring the Faces of Our Future

Child Sponsoring

When we look at the faces of our children, we may see a future world leader, the next ground-breaking scientist, or a prospective teacher with the potential to change lives. What happens if that promise of that future is lost because a child isn’t getting what they need to learn and grow and thrive? Many children live in such abject poverty that all they can focus on is staying warm or getting enough to eat. It’s hard for most of us to imagine such a life.

We would like to introduce you to some of our Global Hope children in Kenya and India, children who have come from this kind of poverty but now have a chance for a better future because of the care and love they are receiving through Global Hope and our partners. We believe that all children deserve the chance to have a better future.

The picture below shows one of our Global Hope children; a child who has experienced great hardship but now, with perseverance and support, they can see the possibility of a greater future.

Global Hope’s Mission

Global Hope’s mission is to provide Christ-centered care for orphaned and vulnerable children through global partnerships. The vision of Global Hope is to give every child the chance to thrive in mind, body, and soul. Through our work, we hope to spread the love of Jesus Christ and provide hope to children across the globe.

What We Are Currently Doing

Global Hope is currently working in Romania, Kenya, and India in a variety of settings in partnership with local ministries. Some of our children live in small, family-like group homes or in foster families. In some locations, our partners provide education, food, and other basic needs so the children can continue to live with their families. Different locations come with different needs and challenges, so we remain flexible in how we provide for the care and safety of our children. All Global Hope partners have dedicated themselves to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and providing spiritual guidance.

The Outcome of Child Sponsoring

With your monthly donation of thirty-nine dollars a month, you can change a child’s life by providing them with an education, shelter, food, and medical health. With Global Hope you become much more than a child sponsor; you become a godparent. You just don’t provide financial support to our child centers; you build a personal relationship. You will have the ability to write back and forth with your sponsored child. This allows you to truly get to know your sponsored child and the children get the joy of getting a letter from you. They can get to know you and what your life is like while you can comfort them when they are worried and share your testimony with them as well.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. – James 1:27

Unique Children, Unique Backgrounds

Each child is unique; they each come with their own varied experiences and backgrounds. A few are so young they haven’t even spoken their first word yet when they come to us. Others have seen and experienced more tragedy in a few years than anyone should experience in a lifetime. Some of our children in Kenya have been exposed to violence and the reality of war and political unrest, as well as violence or abuse within their own communities.

Most of our children in India are brought to us because their parents are living in desperate situations and cannot provide even basic food and care for their families. Many of the children have mothers who, out of necessity, have found themselves working in the sex trade – those children are brought to us so they can have a chance for a better future.

In all of our locations, the children are frequently malnourished when they come to us and often have health issues that need medical attention and ongoing care. This is the common life of those who come from the slums. With your child sponsorship, you can greatly help these children.

What Exactly are The Slums?

Many of the children in our care come from a life in the slums. But what exactly are the slums? Few people realize the severe hardships faced by those living in extreme poverty throughout the world. The pictures below give a view of life in a slum — the first image is from Kenya, the second is from India.

slums in Africa
Slums in India

The Faces of Those Who Have Benefited from Child Sponsorships

The following children are those who may be orphaned or abandoned. Their stories may be tough to read, but what is tougher is their will and ability to maintain hope for the future. We hope by seeing these children and hearing their stories that you will be filled with hope and, if felt led to, look into sponsoring these children and others across the world who share a similar story.


Justine had a tragic start to his life, after living with his mother on the streets for the first months of his life Justine was left with no one to care for him after his mother passed away. Fortunately, the care and love he has received at one of our children’s homes in Kenya have given Justine a chance to thrive.  Now as a busy and healthy three-year-old, Justine is walking, talking, and exploring his world. He loves to ride in empty tires and play with toy cars.


Jennifer was just a baby when she was abandoned by her mother. With no known relatives, she was brought to one of our children’s homes where she is safe and cared for. Jennifer loves going to school; she especially enjoys her language classes and says that math is her favorite subject. Her exam scores have shown great improvement in the last few years and she has consistently been able to meet and surpass all the expectations of her teachers.

Along with excelling in her academics, she has learned to play football and netball and has fallen in love with both sports. When she isn’t in school, Jennifer loves dancing, practicing her acrobatics, and helping in the kitchen.


Maria was born in March of 2018. She was found abandoned in some bushes when she was just one day old. Despite this tragic start to her life, Maria is healthy and appears to be achieving all of her developmental milestones on time. She is a happy baby and loves to be tickled!
She loves singing and dancing because anytime she hears a song or somebody singing she hums and she nods her head while watching people dance.


Charan’s father died in a tragic accident back in 2012. His mother found herself struggling to provide and started to work as a daily wage laborer trying her best to support her family. Sadly she just could not earn enough to feed her family. Charan is now in our care and likes to play cricket with his friends. When he isn’t outside playing you can find him reading. He works very hard in school and wants to be an engineer when he grows up!


Anok’s father died of HIV/AIDS. After his father’s death, his mother began working as a commercial sex worker and working as a maid.  She is frequently ill and was unable to care for Anok, so she brought him to one of our centers.  Anok loves to sing and play cricket and he dreams of becoming a police officer when he grows up!


Raja’s father left home several years ago and has never returned. Raja’s mother suddenly found herself as the sole provider for her family. She began working as a street sweeper, but wasn’t able to earn enough to provide for herself and her children. That is why we were asked to help with Raja. Raja loves school; at the moment, he is learning his numbers and letters. Like any young child, Raja likes to run and play with his friends.


After Akshaya’s father left them, Akshaya’s mother was unable to care for her three children and send them to school. Akshaya and her sister came to live at one of our children’s homes so we can provide them with a safe place to live and a good education. Akshaya loves to dance and she dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up!


When Gangothri’s abusive father left his wife and 3 children, Gangothri’s mother had to take up a job as a day laborer. She did not earn nearly enough to provide for her children, so she brought Gangothri to one of our children’s homes. Gangothri works hard on her studies and in her free time loves to run races with her friends. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher!

How These Children Are Being Impacted by COVID-19

We all have been impacted by COVID-19 in some way or another. In the Spring Valley slums in Nairobi, Kenya, it has become far more difficult to obtain food. This has caused a visible increase in malnutrition diseases, such as kwashiorkor, which is a disease marked by severe protein malnutrition. This disease is more prevalent in young children up to the age of five. Other signs of various diseases at play taking form are discoloration of hair and weakening of limbs. Our child centers are doing everything we can to make sure that these children can continue to grow. You can see in the first picture below staff members working hard to peel eggs and prepare meals for the children with what they have. The best way to help these children is by making a donation or choosing to sponsor a child.

Sponsoring a Child

These children have experienced so much in their life and will continue to face struggles as they move through life. What’s amazing is they’re not scared of the future; they’re ready to take it head-on. They have confidence and hope because of the support they have received from their child sponsorships. Whether it’s a one time or recurring donation to our cause or direct sponsorship of one of our children, you are changing the world. These children will go on to succeed in the world, to help their family, and to one day maybe sponsor a child of their own!

How You Can Help

We invite you to join Global Hope in our mission to impact the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in any way that you feel called:

  • You can give. Make a one-time donation or set up a recurring gift through our donation page.
  • You can go. Check our mission trips page for upcoming trips to Romania, India, and Kenya. Learn how you can serve the children when you visit one of these unique locations and fill out the interest form on our mission trips page so we can contact you when we plan a future trip.
  • You can sponsor a child. Visit our sponsorship page to become a Global Hope “godparent” and begin a relationship with a child. You can have a powerful impact on a child’s life through correspondence and prayer.

We hope these stories have touched you and given you a glimpse into our ministry and the lives of our beautiful Global Hope children. We ask you to lift all the children up in your prayers.