Sponsorship Corner – August 2017 - Global Hope

Sponsorship Corner – August 2017

Be a Light of Hope for a vulnerable child!

Nithin Raj is 10 years old. The first ten years of his life were anything but calm or normal. His father was an alcoholic. He would go out for hours to drink, then come home to fight bitterly with his wife, which often ended in violence against her. Witnessing this was frightening for Nithin, taking a toll on his young psyche. Four years ago, Nithin’s father finally left home abandoning his wife and 2 children, but it left her without income or job skills. Desperation eventually led her to the sex trade. Years later, she’s still unable to feed or educate her children so Nithin’s mom asked for help from Asha Jyothi. Nithin is one of the first boys who will be living in Global Hope’s Daniel Boys Home.

Nithin needs a long-distance Godparent. By committing to $39/month you help pay for his daily care and education. You can also write letters to Nithin and let him know you are praying for him!

Email Nancy Week at Nancy.Week@globalhope.org if you would like to sponsor Nithin.

Be a Godparent to a child in need!