From the Field – August 2017 - Global Hope

From the Field – August 2017


“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” John Lubbock

Summer days are here in Romania, and if you aren’t sure, all you need to do is step outside and feel the hot summer sun. In fact, Romania has been under several warnings about a heat wave seizing Western Romania, leading to a record high temperature on August 5 of 105 degrees!

The school year ended with many successes for our children in Romania. A few started out struggling in some core classes like math, but with a little extra help through tutoring, they met the challenges and finished well.

A great success story from the school year is from Teodora who lives in Ana’s House. She spent a full semester—6 months—studying in Coimbra, Portugal at a design school after receiving a scholarship through the Erasmus exchange program. This was a wonderful experience for her to see a new city, learn a new culture, and experience a different style of education. She returned from Portugal mid-July and shares what it was like studying abroad:


I really enjoyed my experience at the university, although some things were challenging. For one, I sometimes had to translate papers into Portuguese, which was difficult. Also, the grading was stricter than what I’m used to, but I still managed to finish with decent grades.

I entered two art competitions during the semester. The first was focused on drawing. Sardines are so popular in Portugal that this project required creating an illustration with a sardine! I drew a sardine of half bones and half scales, and titled it “Struggling between life and death.” The second competition was designing a functional wine bottle. I tried to create a unique design that allowed for easy pouring (a different shape bottle). Then I had to design a label, a poster, and write a paper describing the bottle and why people would like it. I called it “Jewelry Wine” and it was to be for very rich people. I didn’t win a prize in either competition but I did have fun doing them! 

All the different types of assignments are what I loved most about this experience. Some other assignments were: illustrating a recipe (I scored almost perfect on this one), writing a short story with illustrations, and creating a video using only one part of your body (I chose feet and had them dance to music).

Some things I loved about Portugal were the coffee (it was much stronger than Romanian coffee and very good!), the beautiful city (I had a lot of opportunities to tour around Coimbra and other cities like Porto and Obidos), and the ocean. I stayed in an apartment with other students next to the school. I made friends that were part of the same study-abroad program (called Erasmus), but found it hard to make Portuguese friends—the students just didn’t seem as friendly. In the last month that I was in Portugal, I got to stay with Oana Kis, who also grew up in Ana’s House. Oana had her first baby, Sara, during this time so I got to meet her! That was really great too!

Now that Teo is back in Arad, she has been enjoying her summer and playing volleyball whenever she can. She still loves the sport and will be going to a volleyball camp the last week in August and then starting up with her volleyball team in September. School will start again for her in October. We praise God that Global Hope and sponsors through the Godparent program have been able to support Teo over the years in her education, and endeavors such as this!



Global Hope sent a mission team to Kenya this summer and returned with great experiences and stories! Here are a few highlights from the trip:

  • One team member, Suzie, used her experience as a counselor and prepared different counseling sessions for different age children at Hope for Orphans Rescue Center (HOREC). She used techniques like play therapy to help the children get comfortable with her, then had other exercises to help the children identify their feelings and talk about how they cope with them. With the older children, she was able to talk with them about fears and anxieties about school, friends and life in general. She did these activities in partnership with HOREC’s social worker so that there could be ongoing discussions and follow-up after Suzie left.


  • The team purchased and assembled food baskets for ten families living in the slum valley around Spring Valley Children’s Center. They had the opportunity to deliver these baskets and show Christ’s love to each family by praying for them as they dropped off the basket.

  • The team was the first Global Hope team to work with a ministry called The Obaga Jewels (founded by the owner of Nappet Travel, who is also a long-time partner of Global Hope and helps coordinate in-country details for mission trips). This ministry serves the orphans and widows in the Obaga Village, a rural area near Lake Victoria. One element of this ministry is constructing homes for widows in need, and enabling them to serve as foster homes for village orphans. Homes are also constructed for widows with existing children who have lost their homes or whose homes have fallen into disrepair after losing their husbands. The mission team funded the construction of one home and had the opportunity to get their hands dirty by helping with the construction of one of the homes!

We are planning another mission trip to Kenya next summer. If you’re interested in more information, email Tiffany Regan at




This month Global Hope is opening a second boy’s home in Hyderabad in partnership with Asha Jyothi! This will be a home for ten boys, all who have already been identified and are children of commercial sex workers.

The name for the new home will be Daniel Boy’s Home. This name was chosen because of the godly character Daniel the prophet exemplified. He was a model of devotion, faith and courage. For example, Daniel would not be stopped in his worship of God, and even dared to pray after a decree was made by the king that no one was to pray for 30 days to any god or person except himself: “Now when Daniel learned that the decree had been published, he went home to his upstairs room where the windows opened toward Jerusalem. Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.” (Dan 6:10)

Praying to God instead of the king got Daniel thrown in the lion’s den, but God miraculously rescued him. And, this incident didn’t deter Daniel from serving God. He continued to pray fervently for his people and their sin, appealing for God’s mercy. Daniel gives a powerful example of how to live righteously in a society that does not honor God, which is fitting for Christians who live in India, since the majority (80%) are Hindu!

Our prayer is that every boy that grows up in Daniel Boys’ Home would be devoted, faithful and courageous for the Lord, and that the Lord will use each one in a mighty way!

If you’d like to sponsor one of these boys, please contact Nancy Week at