Praise & Prayer – January 2016 - Global Hope

Praise & Prayer – January 2016

The prayers of a believer are powerful because of who we pray to!

If the orphans of the world stood shoulder to shoulder, they would form a line around the U.S. – not once or twice – but FOUR times. This punctuates the depth of the problem in our world. It can feel overwhelming, but there is hope for so many of these children! Let us start this month to remember the fatherless through our prayers.

01_Christmas Boxes Str Marului - Lisa and friendPray that the Lord would give you a personal sense of re­sponsibility to pray for orphans. Ask that He would help you to see orphans with His eyes and His heart.

Pray for children who have lost one or both parents and are living in oppressive environments. Pray for God’s provision and for protection for the children.

Pray for mothers or fathers who are having trouble caring for their children and feel they need to give them up or aban­don them. Ask God to help them find support and receive the resources to care of their children.


Here are some specific Global Hope prayer requests that we can pray together:

Pray: In Romania, two of our 8th grade boys, Simon and Marian, will not be going on to high school. This summer they will need to choose and qualify for a vocational school. Please pray God would direct the steps of these boys and give their (foster) parents wisdom to discern the best direction for each boy’s future.

Pray: In India, our mission partner Saji John desires to move the girls at Hope Girls’ Home into new, ministry-owned homes (currently they are renting houses). Pray with us that God will provide the resources to make this dream a reality in 2016.HBH

Praise! Praise God for the good results the 8th grade students at Spring Valley Baptist School received on the national exams. These scores determine which high school a student is qualified to attend. Spring Valley ranked first in its district! Thirteen of the students going on to high school will attend a top national school. What an amazing difference this education has made for their future.