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An Unforgettable Journey by Melanie Rosa

Guest blogger Melanie Rosa is a District Superintendent in the United Methodist Church


After hearing so much about Romanian orphans over the years, and most recently after reading Ana’s Voice: When God Speaks Through A Silent Child by Dr. Randy Jessen, I felt called to learn even more.

Melanie and Lisa


I was so blessed to be able to visit Ana’s House in Arad, Romania with my son Mark this summer.   Ana’s House is remarkable, and the people there changed my life.   A busy and loving Christian home where souls are nurtured and nourished in the way of Christ, and where nobody ever leaves hungry!   A place where children who could easily be forgotten are loved and guided into fulfilling and productive adulthood.   Everyone has a chance to work at Ana’s house!  Gardening, cleaning, gathering honey, caring for animals, it requires the contributions of many to run smoothly.  I loved playing games with the kids, watching them play volleyball with my son, seeing them laugh until they cried and learning about their hopes and dreams for the future.


Roni and Rodi Stepan are remarkable, and their commitment to this ministry is an inspiration.  Truly God is guiding and using them in powerful ways.   Roni took us on a tour of the State Run Orphanage, which stood in stark contrast to Ana’s house.  We met lots of people, all of whom have great respect for Roni and his work.  We visited the Christian Camp at Sistarovat, and visited a house that may potentially be used for those who transition out of Ana’s House, but are not yet ready to live on their own.


God is at work through Global Hope in Arad, Romania, and I am forever thankful that I had the opportunity to witness this incredible ministry in person.   Thanks to everyone who prays, gives, and supports the ministry of Global Hope.  Lives are being transformed and blessed, including mine.

Melanie, Simona, and Sanda


Ana’s House Family (most of them!)