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Global Hope Partners in India ~ again!

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Last month Global Hope partnered with a Christian organization in India to open Hope Girls’ Home.  (For their safety, we can’t publish their name online so I will call them “Hope & Light”).  At Hope Girls’ Home, 10 girls will have a safe place to live, sleep, learn, and hear the Gospel.   How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news!  Isaiah 52:7

“Hope & Light” is run by a Christian man and his wife.  By giving back to God the resources that He has given to them, this Indian couple has helped hundreds of women learn employable skills and find jobs, their children stay in school through the help of after-school tutoring programs, orphans are given homes, and many of these people come to know Christ through their interaction with this ministry.

The 2013 Global Hope team to India was able to visit “Hope & Light.”  We were blown away by everything God was doing there.  The most exciting thing was seeing all of the women learning sewing, spoken English, Microsoft Office skills, and cosmetic and beauty training.  There is a 100% employment rate for the graduates of “Hope & Light”; in fact, their reputation is so good, there is consistently a waiting list of companies for the next class of graduates!  The secret to their success?   “We don’t teach vocational skills,” said their director, “We teach employableskills.”   And there is a big difference.  If there is no market for your skill, there will be no employment.  “Before we add a new class, I survey the companies in our city to find out exactly what kind of skills they need.”

The director, a gifted businessman, has slowly built his ministry so that it is currently around 65% self-sustained.  His goal is to increase that to 85% by 2014 and only rely on foreign donations for start-up and capital costs for new projects (like Hope Girls’ Home!) to serve more people.

Through your prayers, gifts, and sharing the stories of what God is doing in India, you and I are also a part of this ministry.  For women and children in India who face sickness, poverty, and persecution, we a part of the body of Christ bringing them “good news” about a God who loves them.  And, Isaiah says, that is a beautiful sight!


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