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Reflections on Romania

by Kevin and Mary Conroy

When Mary and I first went to Romania in 2012 we were a bit anxious.  There were no construction projects – no rooms to paint, no floors to tile, no fields to plant, no VBS to run.  Rather, our job was to be in relationship with the kids.  What we learned though, was that to the kids simply being there with them counts as much, and likely more, than doing a construction project. 

Yes, building something is important, but the Christian relationship is every bit as important.  Building a physical structure is an easy job compared to relationship building, which can be quite a bit scarier –especially in a part of the world that has a different language and culture than ours.

When mission team opportunities came up in 2013 we gladly decided to return to Arad to renew the relationships we had started the previous year.We pretty much knew what to expect but there was still a bit of anxiety about our main project, which was to help the kids put together picture memory books.  

Thanks to previous Global Hope team members we had over 600 pictures, supplies, and tools for all of the kids (foster kids and biological kids alike) to make their own personal book.  We hoped that we had enough supplies and that the kids would enjoy making the books.  And what a hit it was –the kids we least likely expected to enjoy it (a.k.a. teenage boys!) went at it with a vengeance.

Kevin helps Simon and Vasi choose paper, photos and stickers.

Amazing things happened! We observed kids staring and smiling at the memories on those pages. And those memories were created by all the dedicated donors, volunteers, staff, supporters and mission team members from Global Hope. Thanks be to God!

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