From the Field - September 2018 - Global Hope

From the Field – September 2018


Meet Dănuț

Summer was a busy time for our partner in Sibiu. Super Kids Academy provided summer activities and a month-long VBS program to the kids in their program, as well as additional community children. Here’s a story about one of the special boys benefitting from this important program, not just over the summer, but year-round.

Dănuț was one of the first children welcomed into the Super Kids Academy this year. Despite having had a difficult start to life, he is an outgoing boy with a positive and kind heart. His parents never married, but his father initially welcomed him as his son and tried to provide for him when he was a baby. There were challenges right from the start though, because the family didn’t have a stable income, or even a stable house. After a few years, and some very poor decisions, Dănuț’s father found himself in prison. Then at 3 years old, Dănuț and his sister were abandoned by his mother at a hospital in a small town just outside of Sibiu.

In all bad situations, God has a way of showing us how good can still prevail. Dănuț and his sister were received into a private orphanage where they have been well taken care of. This orphanage has been arranging for Dănuț to come to the Center every day it has been open.

At 9 years old, Dănuț is in his second year of primary school and is interested in learning and getting good marks. He is always willing to take part in group activities, and even sits down to do his homework when it’s time. Our prayer for Dănuț is that he will get to know and trust the God who works everything out for His good—the God who loves him and provides for him even during the darkest moments.

If you’d like to contribute toward this valuable program, please click here and put “Sibiu” in the comments.



Exciting news came in July from our Kenyan partner, HOREC. They were awarded a grant from Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) to help support the building and equipping of a Skills Center to train the children with technical skills. The ultimate goal of this Center will be to provide each child with an employable skill once they exit HOREC.

This is important because according to Kenya’s Ministry of Education, out of the approximately 800,000 new entrants into the job market every year, “64% lack the employability skills, technical mastery and basic work-related capabilities.” The Skills Center will provide training for six technical skills: tailoring, welding, hairdressing, welding, bead craft and computer packages.


The Center will be a huge benefit to the children at HOREC because some students are not able to go on to college for a higher education, either because of grades or finances. There are also no affordable trade schools nearby leaving those students little options for work. This Center will ensure them an opportunity to gain valuable technical skills so that when they graduate high school, they have skills and experience to join the workforce.

Consider contributing toward the education or training of children at HOREC, or the general care of the children—your donation will go a long way in supporting a bright future for these kids! Donate here.



Hyderabad is Telegana’s largest and most-populous city, and ranked the 6th largest city in all of India. With that comes all the hustle and bustle of city life. Lots of people and lots of tuk-tuks, rickshaws and motorbikes, so a day away can be a very nice reprieve! That’s what the kids from our children’s homes thought when they got to spend a day at Kandlakoi Oxygen Park. The park has a walking path, a pond, a butterfly garden and all kinds of fun things to climb on!

Fun activities like this are not just a nice break for the children, but they also help the kids form important friendships. For example, the boys at Daniel Boys’ Home have been together just one year. It takes time to open up and trust people, especially when you come from a broken home. The house mom at Daniel Boys’ Home, Lalitha, is just beginning to see the boys really bond with one another. She considers it a great sign when she sees them hanging out with each other outside of the home, laughing, sharing and telling each other stories.

Forming positive friendships is one of the most important things the children can do. Friends can lift them up when they feel sad, lonely or uncertain about the world. Strong friendships can increase their sense of belonging and self-worth. Our prayer for these children is as they grow, so too will their friendships, and as a result, they will have solid allies who together will strengthen one other in their walk with Christ.

Daniel Boys’ Home is about 20% funded so we are seeking individuals who are willing to either give a general gift toward this home or be willing to sponsor one of the boys at $39 per month. If you can help, please donate here.


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