From the Field - February 2018 - Global Hope

From the Field – February 2018

Seeing the Fruit of 2017

As we look back on 2017, we see so much to be proud of with respect to the children we support. Many of the children are excelling in school, and even those who struggle with their studies have shown good progress after receiving support through tutoring and after-school programs. Beyond school though, we are really proud of who the children are becoming. It takes time to see the fruit that comes from caregivers pouring out their love and devoting their time raising the children in a Christ-centered environment; but the fruit is there, and it’s growing!

Consider what is happening at Prema Girls’ Home in India. The house mom, Helen, makes reading the Bible a priority and encourages all the girls to memorize various passages. Before the holidays, they were reading through the Book of Psalms and worked on memorizing Psalm 23—the ultimate Psalm of comfort. This Psalm, as well as others, have been helping the girls learn how to pray. It has been interesting for Helen to hear the prayers of the girls, for prayers reveal what is going on in one’s heart and mind. Several of the girls have been praying for their mothers to get good jobs and be lifted out of poverty.

Helen is also seeing how the girls are developing the fruit of being there for each other in times of need. In fact, when Helen was feeling down herself one day, all ten girls came to her to cheer her up. They wouldn’t leave her until she felt better. And, of course, Helen couldn’t help but NOT feel better!

What a joy it is to see these young girls mature in this way, and we pray that 2018 will be another year where we see our children not just excel in their schooling, but in how they are maturing and learning what it means to have a mind like Christ.

We ended 2017 on a joyful note as children enjoyed special feasts and sporting new clothes. Please enjoy this collage of year-end celebrations.


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